Papers & Submissions

Nov 2009
This policy paper outlines QCOSS' policy position in relation to the prevention of violence and explores the effects that domestic and family violence has on Queensland as a whole and in particular those suffering poverty and disadvantage. It concludes by making recommendations for addressing the problem.
Nov 2009
Our Human Rights and Access to Justice policy position statement outlines the issues faced by disadvantaged Queenslanders in relation to their human rights and access to justice and includes our recommendations for addressing these issues.
Oct 2009
QCOSS has commissioned this report by The University of Queensland Social Research Centre (UQSRC) to provide an update to the previous 2006 Poverty in Queensland report. Both reports present overviews of the dimensions of poverty in Queensland using the most up-to-date information available.
Sep 2009
A statement developed by the Queensland community sector outlining their concerns relating to gambling including: 1. ACCESS, 2. THE CODE OF PRACTICE, 3. HARM MINIMISATION, 4. NEW TECHNOLOGIES and 5. RESEARCH & RESOURCING.
Jul 2009
The submission provides an overview of the health impacts of poverty and social exclusion in Queensland. It also identifies the need to address the social and economic conditions that cause ill health.
Jul 2009
The final report entitled ‘Cost of Providing Specialist Disability Services and Communities Services in Queensland’ has been released. This was a study commissioned by the (then) Disability Services Queensland and Department of Communities as part of the Funding Policy Project (previously the Fair level of Funding project) in 2006-2008. The research was done by the Social Policy Research Centre (University of New South Wales) and Griffith University.
Jun 2009
The National Human Rights Consultation aimed to seek a range of views from across Australia about the protection and promotion of human rights. The Consultation was run by an independent Committee, who were supported by a Secretariat in the Attorney-General’s Department. The QCOSS submission primarily focusses on economic, social and cultural rights, and a human rights charter. It also contains information relating to homelessness and poverty, health, Indigenous rights, immigration and refugees, children and young people’s rights, and race discrimination.
May 2009
This report, examines current economic data to make plausible assumptions about the extent and duration of the recession and its impact on Queenslanders. The report also outlines suggested strategies and social policies for the Queensland government to minimise the impacts of the global financial crisis on disadvantaged Queenslanders.
Feb 2009
QCOSS has released twelve questions for political candidates that focus on making Queensland a fair state for all people.
Jul 2008
QCOSS response to the evaluation of the QRGS discussion paper including recommendations for government to consider the needs of the most marginalised and disadvantaged groups in developing the enhanced harm minimisation strategy.
Jun 2008
The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for reducing homelessness by supporting individuals to sustain long-term housing on exit from crisis accommodation. It is proposed that the Queensland Government adopt and implement this “Sustaining Tenancies and Well Being” approach across Queensland to bridge the gap between crisis and long term housing within the current continuum of housing services. This paper outlines a range of existing contexts in Queensland in which this strategy could be implemented. It also, provides a rational identifying the need for a supportive housing approach and the principles which should underpin any model developed from this strategy.
Mar 2008
In March 2008, QCOSS prepared a submission for the Queensland Public Accounts Committee Inquiry into the Management of Funding to Non-Government Organisations. The submission emphasised the significant impact of unnecessary and ineffective reporting requirements on organisations and highlighted the need for a shift to more meaningful data collection and evaluation, paired with a reduction in red tape. The Community Services Futures Forum made a separate submission into this Inquiry.
Mar 2008
Submission by the Queensland Community Services Futures Forum to the Queensland Public Accounts Commitee Inquiry into into the Management of Funding to Non-Government Organisations. QCOSS also made a submission to this inquiry.
Nov 2007
This paper reviews the research (including cost-benefit analyses where possible) of early intervention programs and early intervention service systems. The report was prepared for QCOSS by the Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW.
Oct 2007
This statement explores rates of poverty in Queensland in 2007, the impacts of poverty on health and quality of life, which groups are more likely to live in poverty than others, the extent of Queenslanders living on the brink of poverty and the compounding impact of housing affordability on those in poverty. It also explores the geographic distribution of poverty within Queensland.
Sep 2007
On behalf of the Community Services Futures Forum, QCOSS made a submission in response to the Queensland Audit Office ‘Results of Performance Management Systems Audits of Management of Funding to Non-Government Organisations’ report.
Aug 2007
QCOSS prepared this preliminary submission to the Department of Communities as a contribution to their work on Funding Policy on behalf of the Community Services Futures Forum. The submission outlines the benefits of community service providers as a rationale for favoring non-profit service providers rather than for-profit providers. Additionally it articulates the need for a partnership agreement or compact to provide the context for the funding relationship.
Dec 2006
This project aims to determine the financial impact of Queensland Transport‟s concession policy on unemployed job seekers, and to examine the possible benefits of extending public transport concessions to this disadvantaged group.