Live well - A forum about mental health and wellbeing for Queenslanders
Published: Mar 2015
You are invited to contribute to an important forum to inform the development of the Mental Health Awareness, Prevention and Early Intervention Action Plan for Queensland.
Rural Women's Language Needs - survey
Published: Mar 2015
The Queensland Accessing Interpreters Working Group, convened by QCOSS, is seeking information about the language support needs of migrant, refugee and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and women with a disability living in rural and regional areas of the State.
Member Update - The new government (Monday 16 March 2015)
Published: Mar 2015
Now that the dust has finally settled and Queensland’s new government is in place, QCOSS has been busy engaging with ministers whose portfolios directly impact on the social and economic wellbeing of vulnerable Queenslanders.
QCOSS Focal point 2015
Published: Feb 2015
QCOSS eNews 2014
Published: Jan 2014