"You would hate to think that parents feel obliged to keep their children having a device and paying for those costs but maybe forgoing meals or rent of medication," said Mark Henley.
Announcements made by the Queensland Government this year to ease cost-of-living pressures will mean thousands of Queensland households are better off in 2017. Better targeting of concessions for electricity and public transport as well as reducing rent for public housing tenants will make a huge difference for some of Queensland households experiencing vulnerability.
Darcy Cavanagh, co-founder and manager of REFOCUS Inc on the Sunshine Coast, gives an insight into working in the community service sector.
Mums and Dads across Queensland are urged to call 13Family (13 32 64) for extra support when times are tough this Christmas.
The announcement followed recommendations from QCOSS, to extend the existing $330 Electricity Rebate to include Commonwealth Health Care Card Holders and asylum seekers.
“Homelessness is an issue that transcends electoral terms and budget cycles,” Mr Henley said. “Homelessness funding cannot keep limping along year-to-year and QCOSS and its members hope we will be working actively with the community, government and private sector to make sure a long-term commitment can be made in the near future."
On Wednesday 30 November, QCOSS hosted its Annual General Meeting. Our achievements were highlighted as reflected in our Annual Report. I encourage you to go online and have a look. Uncertainty and the pace of change for the social services sector continues to be a challenge now, more than ever, for service providers and those people requiring supports and services.
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“I’d like to see the sector be more bold and speak out, but when we talk about leadership there comes a point where we need to talk about what stops us being leaders in the community.”
“We are excited that QCOSS’ recommendations were supported by the Productivity Commission and now will be implemented by the state government,” said Mr Henley.