High Voltage - working with 'high risk' adolescents

Encompass Family and Community
Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 9:30am to 4:00pm
Airport International Motel, 528 Kingsford Smith Drive
4 007
This one-day workshop provides information and skills for workers in contact with young people with "high risk" behavior.

Work with young people with ‘high risk’ behaviours can carry shock potential – for young people themselves and others around them, including front-line workers. Workers often face the tricky challenge of providing an immediate response to extreme and dangerous behaviour by young people, in order to provide safety, while at the same time trying to connect with the hidden pain, trauma and unmet need underpinning this behaviour. This carries the inbuilt conundrum of maintaining a planned approach in the face of continuing crisis. If you are grappling with this ‘high voltage’ work then this is the workshop for you. It is informed by the AIM4® concept map, which supports a practical and effective approach to working with vulnerable young people, grounded in contemporary thinking and research.

Who should attend?

Workers in statutory and community services who work with young people with complex needs and challenging behaviour, including child safety, youth justice, education settings, residential care, youth services.

You’ll learn more about:


  •   The key elements of effective practice in working with young people where ‘high risk’ behaviour is frequently encountered
  •   Working from relationship when young people find it difficult to relate
  •   Skills in ‘seeing through’ behaviour to the young person beneath
  •   Applying Encompass’ AIM4 framework in identifying and responding to the needs of young people when behaviour is very challenging 
  •   The evidence base for the AIM4 framework —  what the research says is useful
  •   Perry’s 6Rs for healing and what they mean in practice
  •   Tag-team nurturing—when one worker is not enough!