First-Up - client response training for administration staff

Encompass Family and Community
Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 9:30am to 4:00pm
Airport International Motel, 528 Kingsford Smith Drive
4 007
This workshop provides a time to reflect on the significant role that administration staff play, as the ‘first-up’ contacts for prospective and existing clients and others. Participants have the opportunity to practice the skills involved, and to share ideas and learnings with others.

The focus of this one-day workshop is on equipping and supporting administration staff in their role of providing ‘first-up’ responses to clients and members of the public who contact their agency, either by presenting in person at reception or over the phone.  
In this administration role, staff will at times encounter people who are distressed, anxious, upset or angry.  They may need to interact calmly with people who are presenting in a state of crisis or affected by alcohol or drugs. These situations are not easy. They require administration staff to respond in ways that convey empathy for the person’s distress while encouraging them to contain their anger or upset or           distressing behaviour. In short, admin staff are ‘first-up’ in responding in a helpful way, and in helping to de-escalate potential crises.

Who should attend?

Administration workers in human service agencies who have direct ‘front counter’ or telephone contact with clients and members of the public.

During this workshop, you will:  

  • Explore your ‘first-up’ role in responding to your agency’s clients 
  • Consider, develop and practice effective responses to people who are feeling distressed, anxious or angry or seem affected by alcohol or drugs 
  • Reflect on your own reactions to distress in others and consider how to manage personal triggers while maintaining a professional response  
  • Explore common communication issues and how to use both verbal  strategies and body language to help manage and defuse escalating situations  
  • Learn to be prepared for interactions with angry or aggressive people – how to decrease your anxiety levels, what can help and what to avoid in your interactions.