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14/8/2017 : This week in review - 10 August 2017
QCOSS out and about in August, September and October
9/8/2017 : This week in review - 27 July 2017
Child and Family Policy and Advocacy Network kicks off, QCOSS State Conference 2017 - Dream it. Do it., National COSS network
13/7/2017 : This week in review - 13 July 2017
An update on the Centrelink debt collection process; Cashless Debit Card potential for Fraser Coast and Bundaberg; Human Rights Act for Queensland
29/6/2017 : This week in review - 29 June 2017
Cost-of-living Showcase, Inquiry on Service delivery in remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Government indexation...
29/6/2017 : This week in review - 16 June 2017
Queensland State Budget - the key points, Choice and control - a renters experience in the energy market, Congratulations to Karyn Walsh AM, Helga...
29/6/2017 : This week in review - 1 June 2017
Reconciliation, Family Matters and our intentions, Advocacy with Government, Member survey, Electricity price increases for regional Queensland,...
18/5/2017 : This week in review - 18 May 2017
Centrelink Senate Inquiry, Energy Savvy Families Community Forums throughout regional Queensland, Family Matters, Member Survey, Pitt confirmed, NDIS...
11/5/2017 : This week in review - 4 May 2017
Member survey, Centrelink Senate Inquiry, Representation to government, ACOSS Media Release: What 'Welfare Blow-out'?
20/4/2017 : This week in review - 20 April 2017
QCOSS action and impact, Concessions, Inquiry into service delivery in remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, Senate...
11/4/2017 : This week in review - 6 April 2017
Tropical Cyclone Debbie, Centrelink Senate Inquiry, Concessions