Bright Sparks Workshop

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 10:00am to 12:30pm
Zillmere Community Centre 54 Handford Road, Zillmere
4 034
Phone No.: 
3252 8566
Come along to Zillmere Community Centre to have fun and learn how to save some money off energy bills

What is Bright Sparks? It is a 2.5hr workshop designed by people with disability and led by people with disability to have fun and learn about electricity


Who should attend? People with disability (and their carers/supports) who have an interest in saving some money off their electricity bills! If people have any specific needs that will make their Bright Sparks experience better, let us know, we will obviously do our best to support everyone who wishes to attend.


What will people who attend learn?

Together we will learn the following:

  1. explore how to be an empowered consumer
  2. how to read a power bill
  3. ways to save by changing how you use electricity at home
  4. the extra assistance available (rebates, concessions etc)
  5. how to switch to a new electricity offer

each of these targeted 5 areas will be discussed by the group and there is an accompanying activity/game that is designed to assist learning through fun


What evidence is there that Bright Sparks helps people with disability?

People who have attended the workshops thus far have reported the following:

  • 93% people who attended will change their bill reading habits
  • 97% people who attended will change their energy use habits at home
  • 79% people who attended will look into further rebates/concessions/additional support
  • 51% people who attend will look to switch (a further 36% have said they might consider switching in the future but remain unsure for now)
  • 94% feel more empowered energy consumers
  • 98% will tell others about what they have learnt

People who follow the learnings save between $150-$600/year off their electricity bills.


Why should you organise a Bright Sparks event for your community? Helping people to save money off their essential services is a good thing to do! And the people who have attended have all said it was a fun and practical way to learn