Administration Officer

Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd
Job Description: 

POSITION TITLE: Administration Officer

CLASSIFICATION: QCSCA Award (2008) Level 3

HOURS: 30 hours per week (one year contract)

TOTAL REMUNERATION: $47,983.34 per year (including Superannuation), with available salary sacrifice option

LOCATION: Brisbane

About Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd (QDN)

QDN is a network of, for, and with people with disability. The network regularly brings members together to discuss issues that impact upon their lives. QDN has a staff of 11 full-time/part-time positions for core QDN work as well as some temporary project staff.

QDN's statement about the place of people with disability

The values of QDN in relation to the place of people with disability in an inclusive society have been developed by, and with, Network members. QDN believes that:

  • All people with disability have a right to a place in the community and have contributions to make to community.
  • The place of people with disability in the community is not just about people with disability having a house in the community.
  • Culturally and historically, people with disability are not afforded the same value, opportunities or access to community life.
  • Many people with disability in Queensland are excluded from the most basic experiences of ordinary lives.
  • Current exclusionary practices are unacceptable and must be challenged.
  • These issues affect not only people with disability but the whole community.
  • The responsibility is shared. It lies within government (federal, state and local) and the community at large, to ensure that people with disability have a place and are resourced to belong in community.

The goals of Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd

QDN's values are expressed as strategic and operational goals across four main areas:

  • To promote and maintain active, vibrant networks that inform our work
  • To let people know about the lives of people with disability and how to best talk with us
  • To influence governments and others to bring about full and equal participation and citizenship
  • To be an effective, sustainable and accountable organisation that reflects our values, vision and mission.

Position reports to

QDN Finance & Administration Coordinator

Role description

The role of the Administration Officer is to provide effective, efficient and accountable administrative assistance to QDN by:

  • Using MYOB software to input invoices and supplier data for payment processing
  • Using ACT! and Microsoft Office to manage QDN's membership lists and produce mailing lists
  • Coordinating the timely completion of timesheets by staff so these can be processed on time by the Finance & Administration Coordinator
  • Using all of QDN's office systems (including word processing, spreadsheet and database systems) professionally and efficiently to meet the organisation's current and emergent needs
  • Liaising with contractors/organisations who supply service and maintenance to QDN including arranging repairs/replacements when necessary, and sourcing suppliers.
  • Working collaboratively with QDN's Financial and Project administration staff to facilitate seamless administration support
  • Making bookings for QDN projects and events, including travel, venues, and other supports including interpreters, support workers etc.
  • Performing general receptionist and administrative duties (including monitoring and reordering supplies, records, processing orders and claims for payment, registering and distributing mail and correspondence, etc) in accordance with established procedures and QDN's Quality Management System.
  • Providing courteous, efficient and timely services to colleagues, QDN members and representatives of other organisations.
  • Picking up and dropping off staff, resources and materials for QDN events
  • Completing other duties as required by the Finance & Administration Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer.
  • Participate in QDN's Performance Appraisal system

Probation period

A probation period of four months applies, with an interim review at two months from the date of commencement.

Terms of employment

The term of the position is determined by the funding for QDN, and is currently for a one (1) year contract, which may be renewed annually, within the organisation's financial resource capacity and as determined by the Chief Executive Officer.

Selection criteria

  1. Demonstrated experience and skills in use of Microsoft Office Suite and delivery of effective support to project staff and leadership team to carry out their functions.
  2. Demonstrated experience and skills in working with financial systems and use of MYOB or other business software.
  3. Demonstrated written and oral communication skills with a wide range of stakeholders including people with disability.
  4. Demonstrated ability to work independently and flexibly, as well as cooperatively as part of a team.
  5. Demonstrated ability to organise work, manage time, determine priorities and meet deadlines.

A current Queensland drivers licence is required.

To apply

To apply for the position of QDN Administration Officer, please submit the following by email to using the subject line Administration Officer (120417) application via QCOSS:

  1. A two page response to the selection criteria
  2. A one page cover letter
  3. A resume of not more than three pages
  4. Contact details for two referees who can give work-related references.
Suite 11 7 O'Connell Street Bowen Hills
Bowen Hills
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Mark McKeon
Phone No.: 
07 3252 8566
Closing Date: 
Friday, April 28, 2017