Alan Le May is General Manager of The Smith Family's Queensland branch.
Earlier this week the Productivity Commission held a public hearing in Brisbane as part of its inquiry into Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation (HFE). QCOSS made a submission to the inquiry and was also represented at the hearing. Our interest in HFE is to ensure social investment and fairness. Adequate funding for essential services, (like health, education, transport and housing), is the foundation for social and economic wellbeing in strong, thriving communities.
As QCOSS embarks on a new series of tender writing workshops across Queensland, we feature a member who has won funding for Skilling Queenslanders for Work.
Join us at the 2018 QCOSS State Conference on 16 and 17 May to be part of a movement for change.


Movement for change - play your... | Brisbane | 16 May
The stories we tell ourselves now will predict the future. How can we change these stories to create the future we want? How do we move our communities closer to creating greater wellbeing by challenging how we talk about the world?

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